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Sunday, January 19, 2014

15yrs...yep, this year is our 15th Anniversary~ and already we are planning some exciting changes
      at the cute lil shop in the middle of the block!  This year, I have decided to retire, to relax, and...
                                            reflect on what a great adventure these past 15 yrs. have been!
                            Incredible, actually! and I have met incredible, extraordinary, wonderful people along the way!  
                      Ruby will be in good hands~ As of February 1st, Sheila Pearcy and Jessica Bradley will be the new owners.   You all know sweet Sheila, she has been a Ruby girl for 7 yrs., a familiar face for sure!  The three of us just spent four days at the Atlanta Gift Show, and their Spring merchandise is fabulous!  Boutique clothing labels, home decor, accessories & necessities, and some fresh surprises!
                                                         Me~ I'll be concentrating on the 3 French Hens an organizer and a seller!  I picked up some great things while in Atlanta for the Market, and can't wait for Market season to begin!   Meanwhile, Ruby Begonia'S is open...OpeN...OPEN!  With 40% off storewide, 30% off candles, and 50% off Holiday!  Just making room for Spring and a new Ruby B!
                                                         Our sale will run thru Jan. 30th, with the 31st being a tidy up loose  
                                          ends kind of day, closing early to go to closing!  Stop by the shop for some
                 great buys, a glass of wine, and a big Thank You from me!  
                                                      Ruby will be closed Feb. - Feb. 4, reopening Feb. 5!  stop in and 
                                                                               meet the new girls..Ruby girls...on the block!

                                                                To all of our wonderful customers...Thank You for making my 
                                                                                           adventure so incredible !
                                                                                                         Monica Spence Vogel
                p.s.  Stop by the Hens booth at the 3 French Hens Market, May 10th 8am-2pm and say Hi'lo


NnN said...

What a great adventure you had at Ruby's, Mon, yours was the FIRST store I wandered into when we moved up to Morris. And I was like....uh oh, I'm gonna spend LOTS of money here! LOL But your friendship and the friendships of the Ruby Girls kept me coming back. Can 't wait to see what sweet Sheila does and I would love to come back for a Hen's Market or two! :) Congrats on a wonderful 14 years!!!

Uptown Vintage said...

Rose, Thank You...for believing in us, befriending us, and becoming a Ruby Girl! It's going to be a strange change, but good! Lets go see my friend, Toms, new shop! And yes you can always stay here if you wander back into town! XOM

NnN said...

Yup, come on up, maybe the weather will actually be good, I think Junk B is still in April this year. Love to see Tom's shop.....and we HAVE to go to the pop ups! They have been gooood lately, but I haven't needed a thing! Can't wait to see your next chapter!