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Saturday, February 9, 2013

 The Long & Short of it all...
          We know color is hot this season, but who doesn't love
Black and White?   and neutrals...Mocha, Putty, Champaign, Cream...whatever fancy schmancy name you choose!  These always look great,  for dress-up or dress down!

Add a scarf, a necklace or 2, or 3~ we love pieces you can play with and pair with other favorites already in your closet!

Ol' man Winter may have chased this photo shoot indoors,
  but Spring is chasing his coat-tails...and new must haves are arriving daily...for home and garden, too!  

1 comment:

NnN said...

Sheila is GORGEOUS as usual!! Love the clothes too, Mon, the Spring colors are beautiful!