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Sunday, April 8, 2012

She's almost ready to hit the road...just needs a name...

"Sea Dog's Trolley" perhaps?

This lil Shasta has a fresh coat of paint inside and out,

new fridge, original stove, teeny weeny bathroom,

and sleeps SIX...c'mon let's go "Glamping"

She needs to get "cowgirled up" a lil more.....

1 comment:

Opendoor Studio said...

Oh she looks wonderful!
You have to email me with info about the name of the person who did your cushions, the type of paint you found worked best on the exterior and interior of your beauty!
We are deciding what we want to do with our little 10 1/2 foot!
fellow " sister on the fly" wannabe!
martha ( mary ellen's friend from wheaton)