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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Indian Summer

Indian Summer...what a wonderful, warm weekend! Ever notice how there are weekends with NOTHING to, zip, nada~ and then there are those weekends filled to the brim with adventure, frolics & friends... so much you can hardly squeeze it all in. This weekend was a tight squeeze- with a lil nada. As in NaDa Farm Sale with Anne Marie- and her fabulous group of vendors. (for more info click here

Joining me for the road trip to NaDa was Traci, my 3 French Hens Market partner (and owner of Whimsy...the cute lil shop up the street from Rubys) & Debbie...hard to believe she is Traci's MOM! yep...Mom! and Rose, who was probably outside taking pictures of NaDa's barn!!!! The vignettes were fab, I wanted to buy everything! including this sink- is it for sale Anne Marie?
I did get some great goodies- more on that later

and they were carried to our car by sweet, Joseph.
Anne Marie...your son was so cute, if we would have had room, we would have put him in the car too!


traci said...

isn't it an awesome event. i wish i could have been there with ya. and you are so right...anne marie's kids are the sweetest.

Whimsy said...

I had sooo much fun!! We should take road trips more often!! xo

Anne Marie said...

oh my goodness...I didn't even see this post (can I blame it on pregnancy?)

you are too sweet Monica...and seeing you today was fantastic! thanks for sending me the invite to daughter and I had a great time shopping downtown and at the event!
Anne Marie