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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vintage Cowgirls ... Heather,aka kindredmama, was my Sweet Goodness Girls swap mate....
and yee haw, Heather you are one talented cowgirl!!!!! She made a fab
scrapbook with wonderful vintage cowgirls & postcards and trinkets, charms, crystals
Hand made tags, ribbons & fabrics, and ...and a wonderful metal sign & ...rootbeer drops!!!
I kid you not~ the book is truly wonderful. Thank you soooooso much the ! you are one crafty
cowgirl! Perhaps I can cajole Heather into making some scrapbooks to sell at Ruby's!
remember "If you mess with a woman packing a gun...your intentions had better be good.
Real Good"! ah, wisdom of the ol' West!

1 comment:

kindredmamma said...

Monica... I just emailed you back and hinted that I would love to sell them in your store. I can just envision a bunch of heritage albums or if you want a specific theme like the cow girls just let me know!

And don't let monica kid you on just how wonderful her package was.